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Lynsky GR300 vs Giant Revolt vs Road Bike

I get asked frequently whether I like the Lynsky GR300 or the Giant Revolt better, this video discusses that and a little bit of “if I can only have one bike” question vs a road bike.

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Dennis Keane
Dennis Keane
1 month ago

Similar experience with my Giant Revolt I have one bike, which is the carbon Giant revolt with the SLR 1 42mm wheelset. I use this bike for both road and gravel and it really does do well in both scenarios, a bit of a swiss army bike. I don’t race and am usually just keeping pace with the older dads – so I don’t have much need for additional speed or aerodynamics. At almost 50 and being 6’5″, a proper aero position would be very uncomfortable, except for the shortest rides. I do have a separate set of aluminum wheels… Read more »

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