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All turned around

I suspect that Cycling Tips draws the wrong conclusion from the dataset provided by Strava. This could be because it’s not as catchy a headline, or that nuance is hard. Either way, I think the real output of the data they analyzed should be “which bikes do faster riders prefer” instead of “The top 20 fastest road bikes”… It’s also interesting that the Canyon Aeroad is top of their list, and I…

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Canyon – Great bike, great price, but man the business is inept

I have a Canyon Aeroad, or maybe had… Perhaps this is an esoteric question better left unaddressed. After all, if you destroy your bike, is it still a bike? Or just a collection of bike parts, using a strange carbon fiber hanging/storage mechanism? Not that it really matters, because the point of this post is to highlight the experience I had with Canyon USA’s customer service, it got complicated… First off, have…

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