Please, please, please tell me it’s April

I don’t even know what to say, but that’s mostly because I should not say any of the things that came to mind when I saw the SaddleSpur this morning. I really did have to take a moment to check the calendar, even though I know, for sure, that it is November. What is going on there? Who thought that was a good idea? Even if it is scientifically sound, which you…

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Laces are more aero?

I came out as SPD-everywhere a long time ago, so my choice around this topic shouldn’t come as a surprise. What does surprise me is how many people aren’t able, or willing, to follow the data. There’s nothing measurable in it. Ride what you want to ride, for whatever reasons, there’s not one right answer. Well, unless you might need to walk, at any point. Then there’s a clear winner :D.…

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WWWTPD (What Would World Tour Pros Do)

Every so often I run across a WWWTPD cyclist. You know the type, they look at what the pro teams are doing, and say out loud to those who do their own research that all of that effort is a waste of time. You should just do what the World Tour (WT) teams do. Performance is so important to the pros that they wouldn’t possibly compromise on the products they use. I…

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