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October 2019


LEOMO TYPE-S, a phone that thinks it’s a bike computer

Overall, the LEOMO TYPE-S looks like exactly the kind of device the the cycling computer market needs. I love that it’s a phone (nano SIM), which makes it’s heft so much easier to swallow (i.e. plop the SIM from my heavy mobile into this for a net weight saving), and the massive performance/capability jump that provides. There are so many neat use cases that the TYPE-S provides now, and has the potential…

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Featured Review

Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight

I’m a sucker for smart devices, whether at home, or on the bike. This smart headlamp uses ANT+ with a bike computer that supports it (cough, only Garmin currently) to set the brightness and mode based on speed and available light. Brilliant!!! Not the cheapest 800 lumen headlight, but after factoring the GoPro mountable nature of the light, the price makes more sense.…

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