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WWWTPD (What Would World Tour Pros Do)

Every so often I run across a WWWTPD cyclist. You know the type, they look at what the pro teams are doing, and say out loud to those who do their own research that all of that effort is a waste of time. You should just do what the World Tour (WT) teams do. Performance is so important to the pros that they wouldn’t possibly compromise on the products they use. I…

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Bryton Gardia R300L Bike Radar Tail Light

I was an early adopter of bike radar, and I remain an enthusiastic evangelist around it because I see it as a critical safety device. Until recently, there was a lack of competition in the space, so I’m thrilled to see entrants from companies like Bryton, with its Gardia R300L. Intro: 00:02 Why Bike Radar: 00:26 The Basics: 01:45 Mobile App: 02:50 Disclosure: 03:33 USB Type C FTW: 03:53 Unboxed: 04:08 Weight:…

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