Woohoo!!! Recovery beer is good for your brain

Or at least that’s how I’m interpreting the results of this study. Even better, although not for those new to the pub, is that the benefit of alcohol to brain health requires a long-term commitment to moderate consumption; where moderate consumption is in the range from 1-13 (wow, 13!) alcoholic drinks per week. Moderate consumption is good for your mental health, and now your brain as well. So make sure to take your medicine after those group rides, and remind your significant other that it’s the healthy thing to do.

In this study, we observed in middle- and old-aged individuals with neither dementia nor alcohol-related disorders that moderate lifetime alcohol intake was associated with lower cerebral Aβ deposition compared to a lifetime history of not drinking. Moderate lifetime alcohol intake may have a beneficial influence on AD by reducing pathological amyloid deposition rather than amyloid-independent neurodegeneration or cerebrovascular injury.


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