Missing the rep

I thought it was just a fluke, but it turns out that it’s every, single, lifting workout where my Garmin watch gets the rep count totally, and completely, wrong. Today was a new low, with zero detected repetitions during my “leg/back day” strength workout. How can it be this bad?

With some basic searching out of the way, it doesn’t look like I’m alone in this either. The general consensus is that the feature is rubbish. With most people just ignoring it, or using a totally different (e.g. Crossfit) workout to track to remove the annoyance factor.

Looking across the Garmin support site, there are a couple resources which pretty much tell me I’m holding it wrong… Does it work for anyone?

Are there certain exercises that are difficult to accurately track?

You may experience difficulty tracking the following exercise types due to the difficulty of detecting the necessary motion to count reps:

  • Stationary Wrist Exercises: dips, pullups, pushups, planks
  • Leg Isolated Exercises: extensions, seated presses, calf raises, hamstring curls
  • Complex/Hybrid Motions: box jumps, “Crossfit” type exercises, burpees
  • Short Range Exercises: Shoulder shrugs
  • Battling Ropes, Jump Rope



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