YIL: Zwift on Apple TV is not bulletproof

When I started Zwift’g I went with the Apple TV as the host platform because it was the cheapest way to get everything working well. I’ve been using it this way for quite a while now, and I’ve never had any problems that weren’t related to Zwift Companion flaking out on me, or the PSYCHOTIC* remote that comes with the Apple TV.

That confidence was shattered yesterday when the app just crashed right as was about to save my workout. Concerned that I would have to do the workout again (doesn’t count if it’s not on Strava), I crossed my fingers and launched Zwift. Fortunately, there’s some intelligence in the application as I was presented with the dialog above when I went back in (have to go past the sensors screen to get it). Interestingly it dropped me back in world, and some of the stats on display were off (should have taken a picture), but when I saved it only the workout title had gone missing. Everything else looked great. Phew.

* Seriously, it’s terrible. So terrible I occasionally contemplate murder while using. Not people murder, remote murder, what a AHAHAHHAHA (sorry). Although, whoever signed off on this hot mess at Apple should have to do a triathlon in South Florida, in the summer, at night.

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