Insight worth paying for

It’s Tuesday, Strava… If you start the week on Monday… Oh, nevermind… Stuff like the screenshot above really gets me. Strava wants to pretend that it provides valuable insight into my fitness and training, you know, to help it justify a $60/year vig pivot towards profitability. Where the insight provided here is useless to me. What are they trying to communicate, how does that help me plan the week, or is it in fact actually detrimental to whatever goals I have set because it could encourage over-training?

The complete and utter lack of context around the guidance here is shockingly poor. I suspect that most people’s bodies don’t reset magically on Monday morning; mine doesn’t seem to. Which if it the case, whatever you did in the seven days leading up to this valuable nugget might matter. Seriously, how hard would it have been to make it a rolling week, instead of fixed? And having done that, how much more useful, even in a casual way, would it be?

Maybe instead of figuring out a way to recognize commuters, they should focus on turning the features that already exist, into useful features for the fitness-focused community that is already on the platform. They have access to so much data, just don’t seem to understand how to do anything valuable with it…

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