The seatpost clamp bolt cries out for justice…

YouTube dream builds are a guilty pleasure. One that, given that Gee has 706k subscribers, is shared with quite a few people. There are quite a few reasons why I like watching them, but it’s mostly for the articles… er… I meant tips on how to build a bike.

THAT SAID, not all the builders are of equal skill. There are many time where i just have to shake my head at the lack of a torque wrench, lack of anti-seize, or over-tightened preload, but these are forgivable; cinematic license and all that. I’m sure that they went back over the bike and fixed all of that. Right?

This video hurt me though, when only 45 seconds in you can actually hear the mechanic taking a chunk out of the seatpost clamp bolt, and then finishing the job at 51 seconds. Ouch! If that was my bike, I’d be pretty pissed…

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