Bike Fit in Chicago North Shore (Wilmette, IL)

I haven’t gone to Lotus1 Mulisport for a fit (yet), but a couple of my friends have, and they highly recommend it. Given the lack of personal experience, this might seem like a strange post, but the purpose here is to help Lotus1 Multisport show up, and hopefully displace, one of the fitters I had a bad experience with :). Being good at bike fitting, doesn’t necessarily translate into being good at Internet.

My motives aren’t purely nefarious however. If half of what my friends relayed is true, then Mark is good at what he does, and Lotus1 Multisport is a great place to get a bike fit if you’re looking in the Chicago North Shore. The studio is located in Wilmette, IL just a bit north of Evanston on Ridge Avenue.

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