If we needed any confirmation that age group is the only realistic target…

I really enjoy Dylan’s race breakdown videos. He tells the story in a way that I wish I could in my own. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s all good – because he also shares his power numbers :). Dear lord… Wow… 150 miles of gravel, still has over a 1000W in the legs… Did I say wow?

Great job Dylan. I’ll be sticking to age categories 😉

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Mike E
Mike E
2 years ago

Age and in Ian’s (and probably Dylan’s) case genetics may play a role 😉 (enough for Ian to be on team Sky etc for a number of years). If you haven’t seen, check out for some detailed Unbound 2021 performance and fuel/hydration stats and some training data for Ian and one of Wahoo’s coaches – Jeff. Jeff’s data was very interesting to me with about the same weight and the age group I am now in. 6th in 50-54 group at Unbound is very respectable result and 173W NP seems achievable with training (although for 13 hours 18 min… Read more »

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