Rough Road 100 – 2022

The Rough Road 100 was supposed to be my first gravel race, way, way back in 2020. For some reason, that didn’t happen, and with things still looking pretty crap last spring, IIRC they punted on even trying. Now that the COVID situation is mostly under control for those who understand how science works, I’ve been only too happy to get some events in. So at least for now, this will be my first gravel race of 2022. That’s quite likely to change though because there are quite a few options in March; just haven’t made the call on whether I hate myself that much yet.

Normally I would link to the event website here, but it looks like they haven’t put much effort into it since 2019 (guys, c’mon). So here’s where you go to register.


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Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
2 years ago

This looks like a fun 4-4.5h ride. About 1.5h drive for me. I put it down on my list of new rides for next year. Who knows, I might even join the race.

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