CABDA 2020: Prestacycle

One of the reasons I love going to trade shows is the opportunity to stumble upon great kit that I didn’t know existed. At the top of the CABDA 2020 list is a company called Prestacycle. Where I found an amazing collection of clever tools, some for on-the-bike, and others for the shop. All of them seemed well thought out and, most importantly the owner/inventor was happy for me to place them on THE SCALE OF TRUTH.

My favorite has to be the “Prestaflator Micro”. Not only is it the lightest CO2 inflator ($17) that I’ve run across, it also can be combined with the lightest/smallest bike-bag-compatible pump ($25) I’ve ever seen, and if tubeless is your thing – there’s even an adapter for an air compressor ($10). Which should mean the valve core can stay in, when mounting a tire. Oh, and the combined price for all three components is $40.

I was also impressed with the $40 torque wrench tool wallet. It’s probably a bit too portly, at 168g, for my everyday saddle bag. But, for a longer, especially if unsupported, I could make space.

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