Ah yes, that day each year where people do stupid things and we pretend it’s funny

It’s April somewhere, so Zwift has decided to go retro. Take it as a PSA, it’s not just you…

This is our 6th April Fools’ Day on Zwift, and each year the HQ has come up with something fun for the community. Last year we were burning rubber, and the year before that it was Paperboy. 2017 we had big heads, 2016 gave us the old-timey effect, and 2015 we rode big wheels on Jarvis.

Zwift Insider

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182 lb. climber
182 lb. climber
4 years ago

I actually thought it was kind of fun. Lots of solid 80s references in the comments. Zwift did a thorough job implementing the VHS effect, including the occasional video artifact, and even the Ride On text looked like something you’d see through an old video camera.

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