Connect is down!?! Government overreach, or fat fingers? We may never know the truth!

I was willing to roll with this whole shut-it-all-down thing, until I found out that included Garmin Connect. I can only hope that this is actually an error, Garmin are working [remotely] as quickly as they can, and it’s not part of our government’s attempt to keep us from riding our bikes or running outside. Because I really need a data fix RIGHT NOW!!!

“If there are people out there, and unfortunately there are, who are determined to do whatever they want despite orders, these are not recommendations. This isn’t guidance. This is an order that’s enforced by law,” a visibly frustrated Lightfoot said at a Wednesday news conference. “We’re going to give you an admonition, and if you don’t turn right away and head home then you’re going to get a citation. And if worse, yeah, we will take you into custody. I hope that it doesn’t come to that. I hope I don’t have to shut down the lakefront, and shut down all the parks, but I will if we cannot get compliance.”

Chicago Tribune


All is well. Crisis averted. Garmin connect is back online. Sweet, sweet data…

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