WAHOO Introduces Stealth Into ELEMENT Lineup

If you’ve been eyeing the ELEMNT BOLT family of bike computers from Wahoo, and the killer feature that blocked the “Buy Now” click was the color options… There’s now another one “Stealth Black”, which is black, and stealthy? More importantly, the price also dropped to $230. Which might actually make it easier to make the purchase :).

Also out today is a firmware update for the whole ELEMNT family, although just documented for the ROAM.

ELEMNT ROAM WR18-7082 – 10 March, 2020

  • Added: ANT+ LEV Compatibility for compatible E-Bikes (details here)
  • Fixed: Unit auto resetting
  • Fixed: SRM power meter speed/distance issues


There’s not much too it, unless you have a super fancy e-bike (I don’t even have an e-bike), but it’s always great to see more features. I just don’t understand why this super-niche edge case beat out ANT+ Bike Light Device Profile, which has to have a larger user base, and is certainly something I would use personally.


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