Wandrer’g maps now on Wahoo ELEMNTs

If you’re playing the game, have a Wahoo head unit, and have been envious of the love that Garmin gets. Happy day! You now get unridden road maps too.

Hey folks, several of you have requested the ability to do custom maps of your unridden roads on your Wahoo ELEMNT / ELEMNT Bolt. This is now available on the Wandrer site. The styling options are limited compared to the Garmin but I think I’ve got something decent given the constraints.

The map will look like it does in the photo: Your already-visited roads will appear as thin “paths” on the Wahoo and unvisited areas will appear fat and open (regardless of what type of road it actually is!). And note that because already-visited areas are styled as paths, they’ll be the first thing to disappear when you zoom out on the Wahoo.


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