We can’t have nice things

Remember how that guy freaked out about Strava matching his run with someone else’s? Well, apparently we can’t have nice things now because freaking outweighs sense. Of course, it is easier for me to feel the way I do because there’s literally zero reason why anyone would stalk me. But, for those who have concerns around that, the option existed to not be in the Flyby pool. Where what Strava did, by disabling it for everyone, effectively kills the feature.

Only those who know to look, and care to change it, will. So it’s done. Sigh… Really unfortunate. There were so many neat use cases that don’t involve stalking, or having to explain to your partner why you “ran” with someone (what my inner conspiracy-theorist* brain posits as the likely cause for the freaking that started all of this) that “passed” you on the path… My personal favorite was being able find people who I rode with briefly and being able to give them Kudos.

* C’mon, I can’t be the only one that thought that? Doesn’t the whole story seem too pat, too developed? Occam’s Razor… If it really was a random person passing freaker, why would he remember that? The level of detail and development in the story is very suspicious. As a parent, I know that the more descriptive the excuse, the less likely it is to be the whole truth. How many random people who pass you do you remember? I mean, occasionally I remember their bikes, but then I drop the hammer, pass them, and ride them off my wheel… Or at least that’s my fantasy, not killing Flyblys for everyone…

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3 years ago

The irony is that he’s got flyby turned off, yet his matching algorithm has nothing to do with a flyby, and my big hunch is the two initial runners are still tagged together on their runs.

Reply to  Andrew Van Til
3 years ago

I see people are now cottoning on to the fact he’s called out the wrong feature. Let’s see how long that lasts too now.

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