One for the MAWILs

I like my fēnix 6, but I’ll be the first to say that it’s overkill for most, and even the medium sized one is massive on my boyish wrists. The smaller “S” version mostly exists “for the ladies” but it’s still clearly not a style accessory (unless “outdoor recreation” is the look you’re going for). The Lily is Garmin’s play for that market.

The best way to think of something like the Lily smartwatch is either an activity tracker band on steroids, or, Garmin’s Vivoactive series without all the more complex features. Ultimately, the Lily is about style first, and then fitting in features that most likely appeal to buyers of this watch. Which is to say that if you’re after more functionality, there are other Garmin watches at this exact same price point that do far more. Yet none are as small and lightweight as Lily.


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