RIP ZwiftHub

Having run several popular side projects as a software developer, I totally understand that it takes a toll in time, and money. But, I can’t help but think that this is a baby-with-the-bathwater moment. With those traffic numbers, this is the kind of thing that could easily pay for itself…

First of all: Thank you to all the amazing individuals in the indoor cycling community who supported ZwiftHub. Thanks for sharing the cost of hosting the web app with me and for your supportive messages that kept me motivated to keep working on the project.

Exactly one year ago I published ZwiftHub and wrote this post on Reddit. What a journey it has been. ZwiftHub started as my first coding project in my endeavor to pursue a career change, combining my need for some practical software development experience and my passion for cycling.

When I started this hobby project, I didn’t dare to dream that one year later it has over 2,000,000 page visits, 60,000 registered users, and 280,000 unique visitors from 166 countries. My personal highlight was the recognition by two cycling media outlets I’ve been a fan of for a long time: GPLama and CyclingTips .

So why do I shut down ZwiftHub? Whilst I celebrated the success of the web app, the increasing user number meant that what started as a fun project ended up in a lot of unpaid work and higher costs to cover due to more traffic. Answering support emails, catching up with Zwift’s latest changes, fixing bugs, maintaining the backend, etc. This took up a lot of my free time – time I don’t have anymore because…

I have a new job! As I mentioned in the beginning ZwiftHub was my starting point to a career change to software development. It worked out. And, dream come true, I am able to stay within the indoor cycling realm. I’m working now for the company whose Kickr kicked off my indoor cycling career. I will keep working on enhancing your indoor cycling experience as a software developer at Wahoo Fitness – The Sufferfest.

Although Wahoo would allow me to keep my hobby project, this doesn’t align with my values; it’s not the right thing to do. As a longtime Wahooligan, I’m grateful for this amazing professional opportunity and want to focus on this challenge without distraction.

Thanks again to everyone who was part of this journey. No matter if Zwift or The Sufferfest, indoors or outdoors, fast or slow, uphill or downhill: I love cycling, you love cycling, spread the love, stay safe and healthy and I will see you out there!


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