Roval Rapide Handlebar

Light, aero, integrated, and the $300 price isn’t bad [relatively]. If the hose/cable exit is convenient, couldn’t tell from the press photos, this could be a great option for those looking to retrofit an aero handlebar setup on their bike.

Introducing The Roval Rapide Handlebar

Aero on the Leading Edge

May 24th, 2021, Morgan Hill, CA – Wind is the ultimate cruelty, and nowhere is it more keenly met than the leading edge of your bike. Leveraging extensive hours of WinTunnel testing, the newly designed Roval Rapide Bar cuts through the enemy with surgical efficiency, while providing the utmost comfort while hammering at the front.Utilizing real-world feedback from our sponsored pro tour riders, the airfoil is offset forward to offer greater wrist, forearm, and knee clearance making it just as ideal for sprints and out of the saddle efforts. The bar also features a textured top surface to ensure a secure and comfortable grip even when wet, including a recessed step that sets the bar wrap flush with the tops.In 2021 alone the Rapide bar has racked up over a dozen wins between Mark Cavendish and Sam Bennett, both of whom have been riding the bar.

Make your lightweight climbing bike more versatile. The Rapide is the lightest aero bar in its class at 225 grams providing all the aerodynamic performance without compromise.

Product Specifications:

  • 125mm Drop x 75mm Reach; 2 degrees of flare at the drops
  • Offset airfoil for optimized for out of the saddle efforts and wrist clearance
  • Win Tunnel optimized for leading edge aerodynamics
    • 20 sec saved over a round bar
  • Textured top for grip and comfort
    • Recessed step for clean bar wrapping
  • 225 grams (420mm)
    • 4 sizes (380, 400, 420, 440)mm
  • MSRP: $300

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