Stupid name, but that’s not a bad price for what it is…

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who almost turned this video straight off after witnessing the presenter’s [sponsored] kit choice. I did manage to silence the voice in my head that was whispering “that’s not aero” over and over again; well enough to make it all the way through anyway. And, while I’m still a bit traumatized by the experience, it was worth it because the Canyon Grizl actually seems like a good value for what it is; especially in $2,999 CF SL 8 trim, but even the Di2 equipped $4,899 CF SLX 8 spec seems reasonable (love the color!). For reference, a similar content level from Giant (the usually value leader), is $3,900 for the GRX 810 2x setup. Granted, you do get nicer wheels on the Giant, but you can get a really nice set of even better wheels from Farsports, keep the stock set for winter use, and still have $$$ in the pocket.

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