TOOO Cycling Kickstarting DVR80 Asscam + Taillight

Having a rear-facing camera on the bike is very useful, for a lot of reasons. Integrating one into a taillight is very cool. Personally I see two issues with this though. The first one is that rear radar (i.e. Garmin Varia) is always useful, where a camera is only useful when there’s an event. So displacing my Varia isn’t going to happen. The other, is that light and potentially resolution are going to be massive challenges for the camera. During the day it might be fine, although 1080p is reasonably limited, but at night the camera is going to be blown out by the headlamps of cars coming from behind. Which almost certainly means that the license plate will be uncapturable…

TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 is a safety rear view camera for cyclists adaptable to all bikes seat posts on the market which films the environment behind your back when you ride and offers a fully integrated red tail tail that is visible from other road users from over 1 mile away and offers 9.5 Hours of Recording Battery Life.

TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 Camera & Light device provides recording of audio & video HD 1080P 30-60 FPS footage files that are automatically protected in the event of a crash thanks to its integrated technology, thus ensuring the collection of traffic accident evidence to allow for Law Enforcement & Insurance decision making.


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2 years ago

You can check their youtube channel, they upload raw footage from users in different contexts of use. The low light resolution and flare is actually really really good for a camera in this price range

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