Hypershell Seems Like a TERRIBLE Idea

I might be missing something here, but this Hypershell thing seems like a terrible idea. It’s difficult for me to stress how horrible this appears to be. To be clear, I don’t mean that it won’t work. It probably will, at least if you define “work” narrowly, and briefly, enough. It appears to provide lift/press assistance to the upper leg. But there are two huge problems with that. The 1HP (peak) output is going to load through the section of your leg that it attaches to, which is almost certainly going to create repetitive stress injuries. But the bigger issue is likely to be that it is using your lower back as the fulcrum for pushing against when generating that load.

Physics is cruel. Nothing is free. In order to create push, you need to have something to push against. While it is true that they are mitigating that load using a structural belt, but those twisting, torquing, pushing forces will still load the back and pelvis and the thing that will suffer the most from it will probably be the lumbar spine just above top of the belt. Ouch…

Equipped with Hypershell Omega, you can go furtherclimb higher mountainsrun faster, and carry more along the way, or simply walk with less effort. Say goodbye to sore legs after shopping, visiting museums, theme parks, and exhibitions. From a mountainous trek to a day at the museum, Hypershell provides power and strength to those who need it, when they need it.


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Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
1 year ago

Kickstarter with very dubious claims, Color me very skeptical 😆

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