I like big bottles, and I cannot lie…

Trek’s got back… or, sorry, 34oz water bottles for sale on their website. So I know that size shouldn’t matter, but I don’t understand the fascination with tiny water bottles. Dehydration isn’t cool, it impacts performance, and I don’t care about Rule #52. Things that make you slower, are stupid. Putting more water on the bike makes sense on so many levels, unless you have a team car following you to hand out the kid-sized portions.

I’ve gone through a variety of plus-sized bidons: Elite, SiS, Zefal. Unfortunately, they all have one thing in common, they’re hard to get. Actually have a set of Zefal’s new Magnum on the way from Spain. Of course when I ordered those, a few weeks ago now, I didn’t know that Trek offered these Voda 34 bottle. Which is weird because I checked out their website before committing to the Magnums, dunno… Hopefully because it’s Trek, and Trek has a huge dealer network in the US, these 34oz, or 1006ml when converted to sensible units of measure, will be more widely available. Because I will definitely be picking up a couple, or maybe four.

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