4iiii Adds Apple “Find My” To Precision 3+ Power Meters

This is legit cool, on so many levels. TL;DR 4iiii is making it possible to track your power meter like an AirTag. If you already have a Precision 3 PM, there’s a $30 upgrade path. I don’t know how this will impact other PMs that are manufactured and supported by 4iiii, like my Specialized Power Cranks. I have emailed 4iiii, but I’m not expecting much. It’s old enough and niche enough, that it would be unreasonable to hold my breath.

Here’s the official word, from the source.

Phil White, President and CEO of 4iiii says, “We wanted to do more than just release another power meter. With the addition of Find My integration and seamless use with Apple devices, the PRECISION 3+ really shows where we can go with this technology as bikes (and their users) get smarter and more connected.”

In addition to the Find My feature, PRECISION 3+ offers real-time terrain auto-optimizing that was specifically developed to guarantee optimal performance and unwavering accuracy across any riding surface. By using the accelerometer on smooth steady-state cruising and automatically switching to the gyroscope on rough terrain, gravel or for high rpm sprints. The PRECISION 3+ maintains its highly accurate power data within +/- 1%, industry-leading battery life of up to 800 hrs and 3-year warranty.


And here’s DCR’s take on the topic.

4iiii has become the first power meter company to add Apple’s Find My support to their devices. This capability is called ‘Find My’, but is essentially the 3rd party program Apple has that allows companies to make a variant of an AirTag. This allows you to track these items just like any other AirTag, with the singular exception of not having UWB (Ultra Wide Band) support, which helps when you get really close to the object but still can’t visibly see it. In the case of a power meter/bike, that’s likely less critical.

In any case, let’s walk through how it all works. A couple of quick notes first:

A) It requires 4iiii latest Precision 3+ units, which means existing units pods aren’t compatible by default (but wait, see below)
B) Requires an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod to activate


Oh, and if you’d prefer to watch instead of read, the lama guy also has coverage.

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