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If there was ever any doubt, AERO IS KING!

If you haven’t already read the Shaving Time post, go do that. Will save me the trouble of repeating myself too much. For those that couldn’t be bothered, the TLDR; is that there’s a local ITT, I’ve been playing with different kit, setups, etc. The latest test was a multi-combo; two big changes: a much lower body position + aero wheels, and two minor: aero socks (rubbish) + 1200 lumen headlamp (it…

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TIL – Aerodynamics

If you have any interest in aerodynamics, and not just in relation to cycling, this video by Hambini (PhD in aerodynamics) is fantastic stuff. Fair warning, some might find some of the content dry, or abrasive, but I thought it was great. Enjoy.…

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