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Ditching model years is anti-consumer

According to a report on Cycling Industry News, Cannondale is planning to stop using model years. Which, depending on the implementation is likely to be bad for consumers (i.e. us) for a couple reasons. They’re also planning to change the refresh cycle to work off the calendar year, which creates a de facto “model year”, but is probably a good thing. Introducing new/updated bikes in the middle of the buying season either…

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Sampling the bottom

Let me start out by saying that I find the technical content put out by Hambini to be incredibly useful. I’ve also seriously considered getting one of his Shimano bottom brackets (BB) for my Tarmac (but then I got a Specialized Power Crank instead). That said, I do find his presentation style to be a bit abrasive and unnecessarily confrontational. But, clearly it’s working for him; just look at the subscriber count……

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