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TT/Triathlon Rear Disc List

It’s very common to see the pros riding a full rear disc wheel, but I was surprised to find that almost everyone who had a TT/Tri bike at my first time trial was also sporting one of these guys. But after a bit of research, it became obvious why, after I re-viewed [with fresh TT eyes] this excellent write-up by Hambini. TLDR; the numbers are huge. And so began my spiral down…

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Why is better controversial?

I think we could pretty much bucket every one of the “controversies” outlined in this video into those who don’t want to change, and those who embrace new tech (warts and all). I must fall into that second bucket, because on every single one, I’m solidly in the in-with-the-new crowd: ✅ disc brakes, ✅ road tubeless, ✅e-bikes are OK, ✅gravel bikes,✅indoor training. The video is kind of lame, with BikeRadar being very,…

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