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PSA: Used Vector 3 + Rally XC Conversion Kit is a great cheap SPD Power Meter

DCR made a video about this when the Garmin Rally power meter pedals launched, so I knew it was possible. But, I hadn’t actually ever done the math around whether it would be worth it if you didn’t already have a set of Vector 3s laying around. Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned that he did exactly that over the summer; back when the Rally XC 200 were in short supply and…

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Garmin’s Rally XC SPD Power Meter Pedal Information Leaked

While SPD is clearly the best pedal system available, one drawback is that there aren’t many (read, only one) pedal based power meters available for the platform. It looks like that is changing though, with Garmin bringing out some new “Rally” pedals. Which alongside the SPD, there are also SPD-SL and Keo options (not that it matters ;)). This is all thanks to a post on Trainer Road’s forum, which has since…

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