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In Defense Of Disc Brakes

Deep down we all know that disc brakes are technically superior. Now, there are rough edges in the current implementation, certainly for road disc, but that doesn’t change the fundamentals. There are plenty of use cases where rim brakes are just as good, but disc allows you to plan for peak. For e.g. I live in a flat place, but also like to travel to the mountains with my bike. Disc is…

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First Look: Far Sports (WheelsFar) Carbon Tubeless 35mm x 28mm Wheelset

There are quite a few different Chinese wheel OEMs out there offering well spec’d wheelsets for very reasonable prices. Interestingly, there is also a dearth of information available about them. With very few reviews, especially from major sites. So when I decided to roll the dice on a set of 35mm carbon wheels from Far Sports (Farsports?), I thought it only fair to document as much about the process as I could:…

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