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Something has been on my mind a lot lately, and it’s probably time I said it out loud. Some of you have noticed that I’ve been swimming, and it’s not because of my back problems. My family already knows my secret. They found the wet suit back in December. It was awkward, and they were a little confused, but after we talked a little, very supportive, and understanding. Even now, it’s still…

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Install Shimano SW-R9150 Satellite Shifter on a Time Trial (TT) or Tri Bike

I was disappointed to discover that the Shimano Di2 system on my Trek Speed Concept didn’t have enough buttons to support manual shifting or D-Fly (i.e. changing pages on your Garmin). I can live without the manual shifting, but not D-Fly, so I set to figuring out how to add extra shifters to the aerobars on the bike. 12-Speed Considerations: 00:23 The Problem: 1:12 The Parts: 02:21 Cockpit Matters: 04:28 Installation Tidbits:…

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