LEOMO TYPE-S, a phone that thinks it’s a bike computer

Overall, the LEOMO TYPE-S looks like exactly the kind of device the the cycling computer market needs. I love that it’s a phone (nano SIM), which makes it’s heft so much easier to swallow (i.e. plop the SIM from my heavy mobile into this for a net weight saving), and the massive performance/capability jump that provides. There are so many neat use cases that the TYPE-S provides now, and has the potential to, but I think the most interesting thing about the its motion sensor kit. Almost like a daily, in-home, automated bike fit. The downside is that the kit bumps the price from a maybe ($359) to a wait-for-V2 ($639), at least for me. This is especially the case given that it doesn’t support ANT+ Radar.

With designated cycling MPIs (Motion Performance Indicators) established cyclists can immerse themselves in the new technology immediately. LEOMO is diligently working to finalize their run MPIs for the launch of the TYPE-S, and they can be expected in the fall. Their internal R&D team has been working with top tier runners and researchers to identify key metrics that impact efficiency and performance. These metrics filter into MPIs which gives the runner the ability to quantify their movement and make necessary changes to improve performance or possibly reduce injury.


GPLama has done a first-look of the device.

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