if (calcFTP > FTP) { showNewFTPDialog(calcFTP); } else { //stfu Garmin }

It’s not obvious from the photo above, but I hope the title helps a little, that Garmin shouldn’t be showing this dialog to me post ride. Why? Because I’ve already told it that my FTP is more than 262. Unless it’s running some kind of next level AI cloud processing (it’s not), there’s no way for it to tell if I’m detraining. And, frankly if it were, it would be wrong there too. The question I have, is why is it showing a dialog that we both know is wrong?

I know because I’ve done the work in Zwift (and had Training Peaks auto-detect confirm it), and this is the number that I told Garmin, so it knows it’s wrong too. I’m guessing that this problem is both an artifact of Garmin’s unwillingness to process activities that it didn’t record, and an odd view towards software development (trying to be kind here). But that doesn’t make it excusable. It used to annoy me, but now, it’s just a reminder that sometimes a simple sanity check in your application is worth a lot :).

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