Maybe wait a bit for the marketing emails, Garmin.

It could just be me, but I find it super annoying that whatever system Garmin uses to send out marketing emails, has come back up before they have Garmin Connect fully working again. This is the second email I’ve received trying convince me that I really ought to buy a Venu since they experienced a total system failure last week.

As someone who works in IT, I totally get that different teams probably manage each of these things, and Connect is way more complicated than whatever they’re using to generate these advertisements. But, maybe, just maybe, it’s not great marketing to tout a product that doesn’t actually work the way it’s advertised because Connect isn’t completely online yet.

Even if we looked beyond that, it is incredibly tone deaf to get back to pushing their wares before the rest of the hard work is done.

Maybe once my Edge 530 and fēnix 6 start syncing cross device again, so my watch knows I’m not a lazy slob, I’ll be more tolerant of this, but at the moment it just reminds me that Garmin’s priorities might not be aligned in the most consumer friendly way.

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