I’ve been doing wound care wrong. My whole life.

Unfortunately, I picked up some lacerations, and stitches, in last night’s adventure, but fortunately the 182lb Pure Climber was there to let me know that I have been handling my wound care incorrectly. For as long as I’ve been self-managing my wound care. Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect not given 1) the host’s desire to discuss it 2) he specifically mentioned that some surgeons do it wrong 3) it’s what my mother told me, and moms share this kind of misinformation (sorry mum). So I’m sharing my shame more publicly; who doesn’t like a nice PSA?

Apparently letting your wounds “breathe” is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. A scab isn’t part of the owie success story; it’s an abject failure. TLDL; smother your wounds in petroleum jelly, and keep the covered for the duration of the healing process. Great information, just wish I’d learned it sooner.

In this episode

  • When is showering OK after stitches?
  • What type of ointment should be placed on a laceration to promote healing?
  • Is there an advantage to using antibiotic ointment over petroleum jelly on a non infected laceration?
  • How much of an extensor tendon needs to be cut for you to either repair it yourself or refer to a hand surgeon?ERcast

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