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Rough Road 100 2022 – Race Recap

Rough Road 100 was my second race of the 2022, coming off of Melting Mann, I had high expectations. Then I crashed. Chapter markers below.

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Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
2 years ago

You did great, considering. This ride is on my todo list for 2022. I just haven’t decided if I should use my 25mm road bike or the 45mm gravel bike. Probably the latter to account for the 10 mile patch of gravel. Too bad about that crash, but it can happen to anyone, especially under stress. It feels weird to give you advice since you’re a more experienced rider and maybe this doesn’t apply 100% here (but hey you asked for advice!). As someone coming from MTB, if it’s one thing I’ve been trying to perfect it’s how to corner,… Read more »

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