Tour of the Mississippi River Valley (TOMRV) 42

Most of Illinois, and Iowa, is flat and covered with corn. But, there are scenic stretches of rolling roads along the Mississippi River, which is apparently perfect for cycling. I’m taking the TORMV organizers at there word there, for the cycling bit anyway, I have driven it in the past so I’m confident about the scenic part.

I will be participating in the long version of the two day ride this June. There’s also a short version, and the option to only do one of the two legs, so quite a few permutations available. As long as you’re comfortable doing 70 miles in a day, there should be an option that works for you.

This is one of my two planned events for the summer, so I’m really looking forward to it. If you will be there, make sure to say “Hi”. And if you’re on the pacier side of road riding, let me know. It wouldn’t hurt to get more bodies taking turns in the pace line :).

2019 Saturday Long Route | 2019 Sunday Long Route (cue sheet not yet published)

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