Melting Mann – 2022

So, remember when I was questioning how much I hate myself before? Turns out the answer was “a lot”, because there really isn’t a better answer to why I signed up for what is sure to be a completely miserable ride. There really isn’t much chance of anything but misery given that it’s taking place on March 19th in Michigan. On the plus side, at least I didn’t hate myself enough to sign up for the 60 mile version…

Melting Mann is a Dirt Road Challenge for Mountain Bike, Fat Bike and/or Cycle Cross Bikes of all skill levels. First time racers and experts welcome! You’ll race throughout Newberg, Penn, and Marcellus Townships in Cass County Michigan. The Melting Mann event is named after one of the most challenging sections of the route, MANN Road. MANN Road has been known to turn bikers into hikers! Also accessed via MANN Road, but buried deep in the woods of Michigan’s State land, is Mount Misery, one the highest natural geographical points in Southwest Michigan.

You may choose from a 24 mile, 35 mile, or the new 60 mile route. Come discover what many serious and successful bikers use as their training terrain!

Melting Man

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