Tour de Lame

I was supposed to ride the Tour de Steamboat last year, but due to a crash I didn’t have a bike, or a capable shoulder. Completing the ride is still on the bucket list, but it wouldn’t have worked out this year even without this COVID stuff, so I didn’t sign up. Still on the email list though, so I was shocked, I say, shocked to see this creative solution from the sponsors.

I get it, I really do. These rides are often the biggest, or only, source of funding for whatever charity sponsors the event. It sucks, massively, to have to cancel them for tons of reasons, both for the riders and the beneficiaries. Getting the riders to buy into the charity aspect of the event is tough, and some organizers are more tone-deaf, than others. TBH, I’m not sure where this falls in the spectrum, but my first impression was “wow, that’s super lame” (hence the title). Because frankly, I can do a long unsupported ride around my house any weekend, what I can’t do is get any decent climbing in around here…

To our Tour de Steamboat Riders
Our sponsors say “we are in”!
Our beneficiaries say “game on”!
Our Yampa Valley businesses and volunteers say “how can we help”?
Our local riders ask “can we still ride”?
Our answer is, “YES, let’s do this!”
It’s with excitement we announce the COVID-19 Edition of the 2020 Tour de Steamboat (CE-TDS). Not a “sorry, see you next year” event, but an actual “train for ” and “ride the distance” wherever you live event. This year, the Tour de “You” is a day you choose to ride the original route you planned to ride, wherever you live. If you live in Steamboat, ride the actual routes, if you live out of town, map out a similar distance and profile, envisioning Northwest CO while you ride!
Kicking off on Saturday, July 18th through Sunday, August 2, 2020 we encourage you to enjoy a day of riding. Stop along the way, take pictures of your ride and the sights you see. Share with the TDS community your Tour de “You” ride on our Facebook and Instagram pages and on Ride with GPS. In fact, post your route, share with others who live near you and want to ride your version of the CE-TDS. The idea is you are riding together, and apart (we request that you please keep a safe distance from each other).
Registered riders will receive their event packets (via mail or local pick up), including the following items:
  • Automatic entry into the drawing for one of three great prizes: A Custom Titanium Bingham bike with Shimano parts ($11,000.00 value), a DT Swiss wheelset ($1200.00 value) or a cruiser bike ($700 value)
  • Special commemorative T-shirt (you will need to update registration with your size via IMathlete-via email coming soon)
  • Rider SWAG
  • COVID-19 Edition protective buff
  • Frame stash bag
  • Honey Stinger energy product
  • Skratch hydration product
  • Virtual SWAG bag code
  • Other items
  • Downloadable, interactive maps and support of the CE-TDS routes
  • Post ride food coupons, locations to be announced in June
  • A complimentary beer ticket at one of our partner Yampa Valley breweries
  • Video links and how-to’s for self supported riding
  • Early entry and discount pricing for the 2021 event
  • Tax deductible portion of each entry (contact us direct for receipt)
  • Pride and bragging rights for completing your Tour de “You”
If you are currently registered you will receive instructions on how to update your registration with your T-shirt size and confirmation of your waiver. Please stay tuned to your inbox! If you want to register go to our website and join us!
In addition to the items above you are directly supporting our beneficiaries who need your help now more than ever. These folks have spent the past year working to plan and produce the 2020 Tour de Steamboat. Historically, each beneficiary has received up to $25,000.00. Without you, this is not possible.
Recent news regarding our beneficiaries:
  • REPS is experiencing a 300% increase in suicide prevention and education support services requested compared to one year ago.
  • Partners in Routt County are currently projecting $180K less in funding this year due to a state grant cut, and reduced funding from resources affected by COVID-19.
  • South Routt Recreation Association, our youngest non-profit beneficiary, is building their programming and relies on our funding to implement their basic services.
Leading up to July 18th, we will share tips on solo, self supported riding and route navigation. Planning includes gravel and road ride preparation, in rural, backcountry and densely populated areas alike. All while maintaining safe, healthy behavior in accordance to CDC guidelines and recommendations. We will address how to find a route, prepare your bike and pack your jersey for the day for your Tour de “You”.
This year’s plan fosters what the TDS has always been about and we are really excited about continuing the tradition of supporting a community and its beneficiaries, uniting for a common good and having fun while enjoying a great ride! Every year our event relies on your financial support for its successful execution and our beneficiaries depend on your involvement to accomplish their community goals.
Thank you so much for your support! For questions or concerns please contact us directly at .
Tour de Steamboat Board of Directors
Katie, Abi, Tyler, Patti and Ron
We hope everyone is well and we can’t wait to see where YOU ride in July!
Why would I donate my entry instead of requesting a refund?
Beneficiaries and volunteers have worked the past year to make this event happen and rely on the work done to generate operating funds. In addition, we have spent money in preparation for the originally planned event; several costs are still incurred, see below!
What expenses are incurred when the ride does not actually still take place?
Time spent on work completed for “normal” TDS and Covid Edition
Insurance – required for any event promoted, sponsored and supported.
Food – the meal tickets are paid for by TDS funds, not donated
T-shirts – special edition
SWAG items (cool new items for 2020!)
Marketing and advertising
Professional services i.e. graphic design, accounting, etc.
Registration costs
Deposits with vendors that are partially refundable, partially not…
Hydration products
Permit deposits
State Park access fees (still required for self supported rides)
Forest Service access fees
Postage for mailing out rider items, poster distribution etc.
For a good article on events and expenses, check this out.
How do I self support for 26, 46, 66, 50 and 100 mile remote rides?
More on this coming your way in June and July. Tips on ride fuel, packing a jersey, resources for water filters and using them will be sent to registered riders and posted on our website.
How do I participate in the Tour de “You” or the CE-TDS if I live local?? What if I do not live near the routes, how can I participate?
Our maps are available to download and/or print off as well. If you are local, you can simply ride your preferred route(s). If you are not in the Yampa Valley check out our maps and plot out a ride near you that matches the distance and/or elevation gain and ride “your” ride in your hometown!
Does AAA really rescue member cyclists?
Yes if you are a member and within a certain distance from your home, they offer cyclist pick-ups! See AAA for details.
Is filtering water safe? How do I carry a water filter?
I find it safer than running out of water, and easier than carrying as much water as you might need. Katie likes this one from Sawyer
Do the food and beer tickets have expiration dates? 
Food tickets are purchased by us at TDS and we need to reimburse the restaurants before December 31st. Beer tickets will be honored as long as the breweries will accept them as a donation.
What if I can’t ride in those 2 weeks?
If you cannot ride during that time, no worries, the maps are always there, however our insurance policy spans this 2-week period only. Also, permits into Stagecoach State Park are also only valid for this 2-week period. Finally, be aware of changing mountain weather as Fall nears, some high altitude roads may not be passable i.e. Buff Park road and Lynx Pass.
Will the course be marked?
No, the course will not be marked, see FAQ #4
Can I ride with other people?
Sure, but please follow current CDC guidelines and local restrictions for social distancing.
When will the bike drawing occur and how do I get a ticket?
We will do the Bike Drawing on July 18th, at 5 pm! The winners will be contacted directly and will be posted on our website.
Is the bike drawing included in the price of the ride?
Yes, registered riders are automatically entered into drawing for the Custom Titanium Bingham/Shimano bike, DT Swiss wheelset or cruiser bike.
How will I get my swag bag?
We will either mail it to you or if you live in the Yampa Valley we will have you pick it up at the Partners office. We will send out more information on pick up location as soon as we are ready to have you come by! Please select local pick up when updating registration information if you will be local to save on postage costs! We will have a 1 week window of time for pick up and will accommodate social distance guidelines.
Will lodging be available if we still want to come to Steamboat to do the ride?
At this time we have no idea, we will communicate with you as information becomes available.
Will Sidney Peak be open to ride the 26 mile route?
No, unfortunately we will not be able to allow passage into Sidney Peak gated property for the 2 week window of riding time.
Will you still have an online Auction?
Yes, look for details on the website with additional information to be sent out in June!

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