Hammer Hundo Gravel Race

I had been toying with the idea of racing the Hammer Hundo in September. It’s being put on by the same group that did the Turkey Burner, so I have every confidence that it will be a great event, with a great course. But September is a long time away, and life happens… So… I’ve just let this sit on the slow burner of things I plan to do, but haven’t gotten around to committing to yet… I just committed, to the XL (100 miles) Masters race, because I’m a sucker for a deal, and the organizer sent out a promo code which drops the [already totally reasonable] price from $45, to $25.

If you’re also a sucker for a deal, and like the idea of a casual, well organized gravel race, the promo code is “hammerthenails”. If you opt in, make sure to say “Hi” as you pass me :).

We hope you are enjoying your summer and of course, riding your bike! We are extremely excited for our next event, the Hammer Hundo. It is the only event which takes place from Illinois and explores an area which has for the most part, been untouched by bicycles….until now. The Hammer Hundo will feature unique terrain to the area. There will be elevation change, gravel, tarmac, narrow curvy roads, level B sections, and maybe even a technical double track section through the woods. After the event, there will be music playing, and everyone will get a beer from Crawford Brew Works. It’s sure to be a party! To get the party started, we are offering $20 off registration starting now and ending in 48 hours. Feel free to share the promo code with your friends.


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189 lb. pure climber
189 lb. pure climber
1 year ago

Looks like they’ll want to park the ambulance at mile 9, at the bottom of the extended 10% unpaved descent. Plan accordingly.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pure Climber
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