Can a rocker plate help with mechanical issues?

I don’t normally like to point towards company sponsored marketing content, but this post is very interesting. While obviously marketing in intent, it has nuance (i.e. they aren’t claiming that the Saris MP1 fixes everything) that is thought provoking. The fitter found that the plate’s motion “allows” the rider to reproduce mechanical issues with their form on the trainer, that would otherwise be hidden. Which in turn, makes it possible for them to target these issues and, potentially, train them away.

I would love to see this sort of analysis performed on a DIY rocker plate, because it’s only too easy to say “get the best kit” without touching the “value for money” part. Which at least for me, it a major part of any purchasing decision.

All that said, what really spoke to me, aside from the racing part, was that this person could be me (history of sciatica ✔SI instability)

My rider for today rides 5-6 days a week and races year round in endurance cycling events (many 100+ miles). He also carries a history of sciatica. I will use this background for some points in my analysis.

Rocket Bicycle Studio (via Saris)

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