Doesn’t everyone have a spreadsheet?

I think this video is hilarious. But, as a self-identified weight weenie, user of titanium screws, and occasional “I’ll fill this water bottle at the top” guy, I refuse to be contrite about that. A light bike is the product of a hundred small decisions, and while there are places (and rider sizes) where weight doesn’t matter… Blarg, that’s a lie, it matters EVERYWHERE. Some may brag about it, and while it’s not really my thing, I can understand it, having a light bike is an accomplishment in commitment and resolve.

Of course the real place where it matters is when climbing, and who doesn’t love to climb. Shaving a kg off the bike, you, or the crap you take along makes a real difference in the amount of power you need to go fast. If you’re curious how much power, there is a handy calculator here (thanks 182lb Pure Climber) which can be used to model the differences. My only complaint is that there isn’t a field for water bottles and saddle bags…

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