Fitbit announces Charge 3 with GPS, er… the Charge 4

There certainly are people who loved the Charge 3, but really, really, really wanted to leave their phone at home when stepping out for a run, hike, cycle. I wasn’t one of these, and frankly I don’t why you would leave the phone at home – it’s your lifeline should anything bad happen while you’re out.

Of course, built-in GPS doesn’t solve the real problem with Fitbit. But hey, if GPS and the ability to use the tracker as a remote control for Spotify on your phone was your blocker. Go give Fitbit $149, the Charge 4 should start shipping on April 13.

While I’m a bit jaded on Fitbit, it’s not the worst tracker out there, and could even be perfect for you. Comes down to what you want to get out of it, or whatever fitness device you opt for.


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