Whoa, what’s up with the new Strava?

I’m both confused, and enthused with this new listen-to-your-users-and-deliver-what-they-want thing from Strava. Astute readers will notice I didn’t say customers there, because, at least now, all of us aren’t Strava’s real customer. It would be great if that changed, and I think if they keep it up this adding-useful-features cadence, and started delivering more real value for the paying users there’s a real chance that they could do that. Making the app/platform more useful, and fun, to both the paid and non-paid user base.

We’ve also added in a choice to see activities in the chronological order they were completed. This change has been one of the most frequently requested ever, so we’re happy to finally respond to athletes who have been asking for it. Just head to your Settings, select Feed Ordering and use the toggle to select the Latest Activities as your preference.


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