It’s a good thing no one buys an E-bike based on beauty

A looker it ain’t. But, at £2,799 the Canyon Endurace:ON 7.0 is cheap for an E-bike with this spec, so at least there’s that. Of course the real problem is that can’t buy one in the US yet. Which makes some sense because Canyon is based in Germany, it’s a small company, and has a wonky supply chain even at the best of times (which this clearly isn’t). So we might get it here, and we might not.

If you are on the right side of the pond, and in the market for an E-bike it actually isn’t a half-bad spec. Although the use of Shimano GRX baffles me somewhat. The only thing I can thing of is that because of the weight (15.18kg, ouch) they wanted to have more sympathetic gearing. Although, isn’t that what the 250W electric motor is for?

When you take the Endurace’s elegant aluminium frame and cleanly integrate Fazua’s Evation drive system into it, you get a machine ready to power you through your longest days in the saddle. Tried-and-tested components such as Shimano shifting, hydraulic disc brakes, and Schwalbe E-One Evo 32 mm tyres deliver maximum reliability and increased comfort to the road. In short: the Endurace:ON AL 7.0 has all the attributes of a state-of-the-art e-road bike.


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