Stupid name, great idea

I’m not sure about the “sexy” marketing, but I am sure about two things. “Babymaker” is a stupid name for a bike, and $1,337 is a fantastic price for an eBike. Especially one with all of the features that this sports. Bizarre marketing aside (although, maybe not bizarre because I did click through because I expected a hot mess), there’s a lot to like about this bicycle from FLX Bike. Smart design, low maintenance drive train, easy on the eyes, and most important approachability. Some of that comes from the price, which is very low due to the Indigogo status, but even the expected SRP of $2,500 isn’t bad for what this bike is. The rest, comes from the fact that it looks like a bike, and not a clunky bike at that. While I personally don’t have much use for an eBike, I do know several people that would love something like this. And, if buying one meant that I could get some of them to come out with me on a longer ride. It could easily make it worth grabbing one up.

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