Why lie Wahoo? Why lie? SMH

You will need to get about four minutes into the video (embedded in the post linked below), to get to the place where Ray weighs Wahoo’s new Tickr & Tickr X (oddly enough, I couldn’t find any actual weight photos in the epic write-up though). And the spoiler is that Ray DESTROYS Wahoo’s marketing claims around the new heart rate strap’s weight and width. As he notes, it’s such a stupid thing to lie about, and not just BECAUSE IT TAKES ALMOST NO EFFORT TO CATCH THEM. It doesn’t really matter, but you’d better believe that if I get one of these, the nail file is coming out to grind off those illicit gs.

Wahoo has just announced a set of new TICKR & TICKR X heart rate straps that include some modest feature updates, most notably running dynamics support in the TICKR-X, as well as multiple concurrent Bluetooth Smart connections so you can pair to apps like Zwift at the same time as other wearables or bike computers. They’ve also increased the battery life, added more storage to the TICKR X, made the pods slightly slimmer, and a handful of other tweaks. Oh, and there’s multiple colors of the base TICKR unit now.

The new straps maintain the same retail pricing as the previous straps ($49 for the TICKR and $79 for the TICKR X), though both of those straps could often be found for less over the past year or two. The older TICKR RUN edition is not being continued, since those features are basically rolled into the new TICKR X.

DC Rainmaker

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