Huh, fancy that… absoluteBLACK’s OSPW HOLLOWcage is absoluteRUBBISH…

I kind of feel bad for absoluteBLACK. They tried so hard to create something beautiful*, and then Hambini had to go and apply basic engineering principles to it; highlighting to anyone with access to YouTube what a dumpster fire the absoluteBLACK Hollowcage® carbon ceramic oversized derailleur pulley cage for Shimano is. Sigh… So cruel…

TBH, I’m also kind of surprised that the video hasn’t been taken down yet. I watched it on Sunday, and was waiting to see if it survived before posting this. Clearly Hambini’s restrained vocabulary has reaped tangible dividends. He must have really wanted to hurt them to hold back as much as he did :).

* where beautiful = obscenely lucrative

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